Why start Modern Bananas?!

Well since you asked...


I've always had the spirit of being a highly driven, creative, and unsatisfied with the status quo. My talents and drive didn't ever really seem to impress my employers. In my opinion, if they acknowledged my quality (backed by data because I always measured the before and after of a project I embarked on because... ego) then they'd realize they'd have to pay me more. Also while I'm talking about it, I was never satisfied with the hierarchy of the places I worked at. They always "talked" about growth but when it came down to it, I was the one growing the collective team knowledge and the company revenue and good practices at large. 


Frustrating!! And I'm sure you, reader, can relate!


So after a few failed attempts at making my own side hustle money (slow fashion cost me a lot of time and money, fast fashion felt so shallow and I was NOT happy morally doing it at all) I decided I'd give a more concentrated effort to embark on a journey. Work with others instead of trying to do everything myself. Seeing how others interpreted the vision we all share: having a cool, individual style and keeping shit out of landfill.