Black Lives Matter!!!

What we have all been seeing from people attending the Black Lives Matter protest vs what we have seen intentionally crafted by news outlets are so polarizing. There's no denying that our system is exclusively selling the white narrative. Police have not only been caught on camera planting bricks enabling riots but then beating, detaining, gas lighting, but as we all know- killing people. 

I'm writing you as the founder of Modern Bananas that the Black Lives Matter movement means so much more to me than my ambitions to no longer work for "the man". I want this business to amplify and employ voices that have been suppressed for so long. This business will give back to the communities that have never benefitted from the system we live in... the system that has been structured to serve people who look like me, a white woman.

I pledge the following:⁠
- Actively seek to employ and partner with BIPOC. In front of the camera in addition to behind the scenes.⁠
-Upon each purchase 10% of the proceeds will go to Black Journalists Therapy Relief Fund .
-Continue to learn, listen, and combat racism.